SoR Programs: Training and Supporting the Teacher


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The Science of Reading refers to a body of work; there is no such thing as a 'SoR Program' and why the web site was created.  Consumers deserve to be better informed. Many educators are currently searching for SoR programs, and various program developers and trainers are taking advantage of the rise in awareness to market products and services that may not, in fact, align with SoR
We suggest teachers read the research (we will be adding more and more) and refer to this when choosing how to teach children to read.  We advise teachers to be careful when choosing a program; they can check how it holds up against curriculum evaluation docs.

The aim of the site is to outline research findings and to enable those who sell products and services relating to the teaching of reading to outline HOW they have used SoR to develop their products.
There is currently no regulating body. 
On the SoR Program site we will present the body of research and useful tools to evaluate products and services that claim to be 'evidence-based'. We invite those who offer these products and services to outline the basis of their claims.  
Why? To offer a place where the facts are presented, without distortion or political bias.  Teachers deserve this. 

Do you offer training that supports teachers, using evidence-based practice?
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